- Bonbons -

All Bonbons available from our jars in 100g bags for £1.10

Blue Raspberry Bonbons 

Sugar dusted blue raspberry flavour chewy bonbons.

Our most popular bonbons with the teenagers!!

Apple Bonbons (Kingsway)

Sugar dusted chewy apple flavour bonbons.

Chocolate Bonbons (Royale)

Sugar dusted chocolate flavour chewy bonbons

(currently out of stock)

Lemon Bonbons


Sugar dusted lemon flavour chewy bonbons with an original toffee centre.

Strawberry Bonbons (Kingsway)

Sugar dusted strawberry flavour chewy bonbons. Strawberry bonbons are a big selling traditional favourite and are still very popular

Cherry Bonbons (Kingsway)

Sugar dusted cherry flavour chewy bonbons

Toffee Bonbons (Kingsway)

An original toffee bonbon with a toffee centre and sugar dusted.

Vimto Bonbons

Soft, chewy delicious vimto flavour bonbons