- Hard-Boiled Sweets -

All Hard boiled sweets are weighed from our jars in 100g bags for £1.10

Aniseed Balls (Red)

A traditional hard-boiled sweet made with rapeseed oil. Has a very strong aniseed flavour!

Army and Navy (Royale)

Another favourite from years gone by. 

Barley Sugar Twists

A delicious traditional barley sugar sweet.


(currently out of stock)

Chocolate Limes (Royale)

A lime flavoured sweet with a soft chocolate melt in the mouth centre.

Clove Balls (Royale)

Round, red and white striped clove balls rolled in fine sugar, these traditional sweets are warming clove flavour, prefect for these cold winter evenings!

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Kola Cubes (Kingsway)

These remain one of our favorite retro sweets.

Pear Drops (Kingsway)

An old fashioned favourite. Pear flavoured sugar coated boiled sweets.

Rhubarb and Custard (Royale)

A traditional favourite. Try these for a trip down memory lane!

Sherbet Lemons (Royale)

Yet another traditional favourite, these classic hard-boiled lemon sweet, with a fizzy sherbet centre.

Sherbet Strawberries (Royale)

Strawberry and Cream (Royale)

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Aniseed Twists

An old favourite boiled sweet they're twisty shaped with a lovely refreshing aniseed taste.

Banana and Custard (Royale)

Blackberry and Apple (Royale)

(currently out of stock)

Caramel and Custard (Royale)

(Currently out of stock)

Cinnamon Balls (Royale)

Traditional British hard-boiled sweet with a strong cinnamon flavour.

(currently out of stock)

Koff Kandy (Royale)

Have you a cough or sore throat? These traditional herbal flavoured sweets are a delicious way of easing it! 

Pineapple Cubes (Kingsway)

Cubes of juicy pineapple with a tangy sugar coating.

Peaches and Cream (Royale)

(currently out of stock)

Rosey Apples (Kingsway)

Sherbet Pips (Royale)

These are tiny, round and tongue tingling sweets.

(Currently out of Stock)

Sour Apple Cubes (Kingsway)

Apple flavoured hard-boiled sweets, sprinkled with sugar and with a sour kick!

Sweet Peanuts (Kingsway)

A classic sweet that is very popular. A delicious crisp, sweet peanut-flavoured boiled sweet in the shape of a peanut shell.