- Liberation Day Packages -

We have great pleasure to say we have decided to re-open! We will be out delivering with strict guidelines!

With Liberation Day just round the corner and being part of this event for many years. We have put together a few packages to keep celebrations safe in your own home!

Traditional Treat Box - £15

will include traditional hard-boiled, toffee, bonbons, jelly sweets plus rainbow drops, wham bar, flying saucers, fruit salads + black jacks plus hard liquorice or Catherine wheels.

Liberation Day Special - £15

mix of jelly, fizzy, foam, chocolate and novelty sweets.

Gummy Takeaway Boxes for 2 - £8.50 each or £16 for 2

will include 2 of each:- Big burger, mini hotdog, fizzy chips, pizza, sour soda pops, fruit tart, fizz wiz (popping candy) plus twist pops

Chocolate & Sweet Bouquets - £25

variety of mixed chocolate bars with a Pick 'n' Mix Box centre

Pick 'n' Mix Box - £5

mix of jelly, fizzy foam sweets, marshmallows, chocolate finished with a rainbow lollipop

All orders will be delivered on Thursday 7th May  2020. Any orders over £15 are free and smaller orders there will be a £1.50 delivery charge.

All orders will be finished off in Red, White and Blue

Order books will close on Tuesday 5th May 2020. We will require payment before we can confirm your order.

For further information and latest pictures please visit our Facebook Page

Stay Safe 

Rebecca & Carol